Environmental Partnerships Lead to UK First

The peaceful reintroduction of wildlife to a major body of water may not be the first thought that comes to mind when contemplating the latest efforts of the plastics industry. Yet, as a leader of the plastics industry, our commitment to corporate responsibility drives us to expand upon our mission of “Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important” to envelop even more than the products of the world’s leading brands. We also help protect the environment.

In a recent partnership among our Plaswood brand, the West Cumbria Rivers Trust, and the Environment Agency, we have collectively removed nine tons of plastic from the bed of the River Keekle. This marks the largest river restoration project in the UK to date. The plastic lining the riverbed has been replaced with stone to decrease erosion and help eliminate pollution. “We estimate that 100 to 150 tons of plastic will be removed this year, leaving the full 2.5km stretch restored with the potential to become a great habitat for fish spawning,” stated Luke Bryant, Project Manager of the West Cumbria Rivers Trust.

Originally, the plastic was destined for the landfill until our Plaswood brand became involved. A leading supplier of recycled plastic furniture and lumber suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, Plaswood presented a positive solution to a daunting environmental challenge. The removed plastic was manufactured into the UK’s first picnic bench made from plastic recovered from a riverbed. “Our work with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency is a great example of the circular economy,” said Katherine Lorek-Wallace, General Manager at Plaswood.


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